Friday Forecast!

Good Friday morning everyone! & TGIF!

It's a quiet start on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar this morning with clear skies overhead. It was a chilly start as well but not as cold as morning's prior. Most started out in the 50s on the coast and upper 40s inland, where just a little patchy fog could show up.

High pressure once again will clear out our skies today and give us a blue sky and sunny day. Highs today may be a little warmer, or more mild this afternoon, than average in the mid 70s.

Warmer air has been piling up just to our west over Louisianna and Texas over the past couple days. That will begin to slide our direction today and head into the weekend with afternoon temps running a bit more mild in the mid 70s for tomorrow as well.

By the weekend a bigger trough in the upper atmosphere will allow for a big cold air outbreak across the Eastern third of the U.S. It's a cold front that will pass through Saturday night into Sunday early morning, and that may bring a light shower through those overnight hours. Rain totals will not be significant and likely less than a tenth of an inch.

Sunday's highs will likely only reach the mid 60s, and we'll carry that chill over into early next week where Monday morning temperatures will be in the 30s north of the bays, near 40 on the coast. And more afternoon 60s are likely to stick around in the beginning of next week.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine once again with highs in the mid 70s. Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will keep us running with sunshine in our skies and a little warm up through Saturday, before a big dip in temps arrives at the end of the weekend.