Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone!

Paris, Jessica, and Ryan talking about the upcoming forecast for the Memorial Day weekend.

It's a quiet start on satellite and radar once again as clear skies continue. We've seen our fair share of sunshine this week so why change it now! Grab the shades and put on something comfy out the door today as we'll be off to another hot one!

Current temperatures are in the upper 60s in some spots away from the coast but most are once again getting going in the low 70s. We'll warm fast today once again as we reach the 80s by 8am and on our way into the 90s for most away from the coast this afternoon. Even though the thermometer may not read the 90s this afternoon on the coast, onshore winds will make it feel more humid and heat indices will reach well into the low 90s by the early afternoon.

High pressure stacked up from aloft down to the surface is creating the heat through the sinking motion of air associated with high pressure. That also tends to lead toward quieter conditions as you need rising motion to create clouds and storms. We won't see any rain chances heading into the Memorial Day weekend ahead, however, we may have just enough warmth and humidity at the surface to develop some small puffy low level clouds. Those will pop up in the afternoons where it gets warmest, as that surface heat and humidity rises slightly to create them.

Otherwise, enjoy the sunshine but do it carefully as we'll get even hotter over the weekend as this ridge of high pressure deepens over the Southeast. Temperatures over the weekend on the coast will push the 90s as inland highs have a shot at reaching the triple digits. When you factor in the humidity this weekend, there's a chance we could see inland heat indices reaching 105-108° in some spots like Marianna and the Tri-State. Take frequent breaks if your doing strenuous activities outdoors, find shade at times, and drink plenty of water this weekend!

Above average temperatures will continue heading into most of next week as well.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine with just a few fair weather clouds inland in the afternoon. Highs today reach the upper 80s to near 90 degrees on the coast to the mid 90s inland. Your 7 Day Forecast shows us getting hotter over this Memorial Day Weekend with plenty of sunshine to enjoy, just do so responsibly by taking breaks, finding shade, and drinking plenty of water.

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