Front Beach Road construction in segment two of nine

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A multi-million dollar Community Redevelopment Agency project is underway on Front Beach Road to ease traffic, update utilities and beautify the area.

"We're burying all the utilities, the telephone cables, power, all that and then we are re-doing the older parts of water and sewer, so we don't have a problem underneath a new road and have to go over that again," Panama City Beach City Mayor Mike Thomas said.

The project is being done in a series of segments. The first one is already finished, the second one is underway.

"They've already done Richard Jackson, Churchwell, part of Powell Adams and made some other changes and some other things but the next segment will be segment three that comes down Highway 79 to Front Beach Road," Thomas said.

Each segment is costing the C.R.A. anywhere between eight to15 million dollars, but the project hasn't gone on without a hitch.

"Theres a lot of shaking that happens throughout the day whenever they're working. We've noticed that in the warehouse, on the t-shirt side, there's a huge crack in the foundation and it definitely wasn't there before," a Shipwreck LTD Employee said. "Today they shut off the water to one of the pipes and then it created a burst on our side and so water is coming through the tiles."

"Construction is always inconvenient for somebody. They're doing as good as they can to try to help with that and we try to do sections during times of the year that's not so critical for them, but everyone is going to be affected at some point," Thomas said.

Mayor Thomas said all of Front Beach Road is expected to look the way South Thomas Drive does in front of Pineapple Willy's and the Sunbird condos.