Gabbie Green remembered by family and friends one year after death

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - As the sun went down Thursday evening at Russell Fields Pier in Panama City Beach, the night lit up as friends and family remembered 12-year-old Gabbie Green one year after her death.

Tanya Green, Gabbie's mother said, "This day had to become something special because I wasn't going to have any more days of sadness, so it had to be a day of being special and a day of positivity."

The event was called "Illumination of a Precious Life" and those attending honored and remembered the Surfside Middle schooler as they lit candles, shared stories and remembered who she was.

Circe Hobbs, a classmate of Gabbie's said, "We're just celebrating her life, like how she lived and what she went through. It's honestly great to remember her."

Those attending say Gabbie's passing and all that came after has done so much for those who might be in a similar situation.

Bethany Null, a family friend said, "It brings awareness to those that bully and those that have been bullied. Those that have been bullied can now reach out to somebody."

Gabbie's mother Tanya said she chose the beach setting because it was one of Gabbie's favorite places saying, "We actually came here the day of and it's full circle to be here celebrating her life."

Her family believes she'll always be with them.

Tanya said, "She's happy that her life is making something positive."

There's one thing her family says everyone can to do make things a little better.

Green said, "The main thing is to be kind, it sounds so cliche and so simple but it really is so simple."