Gas prices higher in Panama City than most of Florida

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 10:54 PM CST
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According to AAA, Panama City has some of the highest gas prices in Florida while prices in other areas around the state are falling to the lowest levels they've been all year.

Some people said it hasn't been easy getting around Panama City since Hurricane Michael and the high gas prices haven't helped.

"People in real life struggling and gas prices like this, it shouldn't be up. It shouldn't be up this high man, for real," said Bay County resident Oran Samuels.

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Florida Sunday was $2.43. In Panama City, before the storm hit, the price was $2.82. Prices went up after the storm and peaked on October 21st at $2.92.

AAA said one reason why prices are high is because of the damage to two gas terminals at the port of Panama City during the storm. They also said, among other reasons, some station owners may be trying to avoid losing money on the gas they paid a high price for before the storm. "When I went out of town it was like, way cheaper," said Samuels. "It's surprising it's like this expensive really."

According to AAA, gas prices have dropped in Panama City by a penny per gallon a day since mid-November.

"It'll be great moving forward to have a lower gas price," said Millville resident Lawrence Scott. "That's more money for other things." "I got neighbors that living beside me they living in tents and stuff like that you got to think about," said Samuels.

Along with high gas prices some people say they still have to wait in long lines of traffic just to get gas, but they're happier that more places are opening around Panama City so they can fill their tank.

"It's great I can just go up to a pump half the time and get to pumping," said Scott. "I hope everything just keeps on going forward and hopefully were going forward with the hurricane, if Michael was like this I don't want to see Janet," said Scott.

AAA said locals should see gas drop down to around $2.40 by the end of the year.

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