Gas prices rise across the state before Thanksgiving

Published: Nov. 28, 2019 at 2:14 AM CST
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Many will be traveling out town to spend Thanksgiving with family members, but AAA officials say gas prices in the state could to rise up 5 to 10 cents this week.

The average gas price in Panama City is already among the highest in the state at $2.48 per gallon.

AAA officials say the average gas price in the state was $2.36 on Sunday. Now the average is at $2.43.

Some local say that it is unfair that the gas prices rise around the holidays and even called it price gouging.They say raising the gas prices as a way to take advantage of those who want to enjoy the holidays with their love ones.

AAA officials say the state average is lower than the price last year and lower than the national average of $2.58.

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