"Gatsby Ball" Takes Inauguration-goers back in time

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WECP-WJHG) -- While most of Washington, D.C. was celebrating the inauguration of the 45th president fresh into 2017, others were partying like it was 1922, and Calvin Coolidge had just been sworn in.

It's called Dardanella – a play off a hit song from the decade that sold million of vinyl copies – and it's all the brainchild of Paul Ervin.

"What we do is the 1920's, and we try to create an environment that obviously is like that, and here at the National Portrait Gallery you couldn't ask for a better venue," Ervin said.

The venue, coincidentally, was where President Abraham Lincoln hosted his second inaugural ball in 1865.

Ervin's gala swapped the House speaker for speak-easy's, formal gowns for flappers, and the first family for the Fitzgeralds.

“At Dardanella, we try to take all of the good parts of that decade, and those are the magnificent venues, the fashion, the music and the dancing," Ervin said. "Those three things can transcend – they certainly transcend party politics.”

It was a non-partisan gala, something that was important to the entrepreneur.

“Its so nice to have a cross-section really of people who went red and people who went blue. And it's really interesting because we feel like we're one of the only events in Washington today that is like that. [The events] can bring people together in many ways that arguments and verbal communication cannot. And we think it's an especially important time to do that, especially in this political climate."