Girls Inc. offers Wizard of Oz camp

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Girls Inc. of Bay County has educational programs all year long, including the summer. For this week's Summertime Learning, we take you to their Wizard of Oz themed summer camp.

Girls Inc. of Bay County is hosting summer camps at both locations. The theme for this year's camp is The Wizard of Oz. (WJHG)

Girls are following the yellow brick road this summer at camp.

"The whole theme is Wizard of Oz, so we've been doing a lot of reading, we've also been doing a lot of preparations for our end of summer productions of the Wizard of Oz," Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Bay County, Niki Kelly said.

More than 200 girls are learning all about the themes behind the Wizard of Oz and having fun.

"Whether it's from the literacy side, or art and design, or talking about the weather and learning about how tornadoes are made, all these kinds of things," Kelly said.

At both locations, campers will perform either a musical or play version of The Wizard of Oz.

"We go to drama and we get to learn about the play and what we are going to have to say, next we do art and design and we get to make props for the play," Camper Natalie Davis said.

And there's not just one Dorthy, there's five.

"So, I'm Dorthy five, and all our parents are going to be here," Camper Sophia Sypherd said.

Girls Inc. staff want to make sure campers are not just having fun, but also learning new skills while taking some time off from school. One theme from The Wizard of Oz really hit home for Girls Inc. staff.

"There's also that whole hope of being able to go back home, which is one of the things we are hoping to do one day, to be able to return to our facility," Kelly said.

There truly is no place like Girls Inc.

In addition to the regular summer camps, teens participated in S.T.E.M. and Cyber-Security camps. Staff will also take teens on a college tour.

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