Gov. Scott demands all adult living facilities be equipped with generators

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 6:05 PM CDT
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Inspection reports from March, by the Department of Heath and Human Services, show emergency call buttons where 8 people died in a nursing home last week didn’t always work.

One patient was being showered only once every ten days.

“We have an additional signal seven in room 226.”

These are radio calls between responding EMT workers. A Signal seven is a dead body.

“How many signal sevens we got so far unaccounted for according to reports?”

“We’re gonna have two additional at this point.”

Governor Rick Scott has now ordered every nursing home in the state to have a generator and four days fuel supply up and running within 60 days.

The State’s nursing home association plans a summit on the generators Friday.

Legislation has also been filed requiring every nursing home to have a generator.

The Governor’s order requires nursing homes to have fuel for for days. Legislation already filed calls for five.

Cost and zoning regulations are seen as the biggest impediment to meet the orders timeline.

In a statement, Rehabilitation Center administrator Jorge Carballo says the home was in compliance with current backup requirements including ice and generator fuel. The homes generator did not power it’s air conditioning.