Panama City Greyhound Bus Station to find new location

Greyhound may leave Downtown Panama City and hit the road for a new destination soon. A local...
Greyhound may leave Downtown Panama City and hit the road for a new destination soon. A local family recently bought the downtown bus station leaving many to wonder, what’s next for the property. (WJHG/WECP)(WJHG)
Published: Jan. 8, 2020 at 4:35 PM CST
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The local Greyhound line will soon be on the move, and just like a real greyhound, the roll out should go quickly.

“We own the property to the south of this. I’ve always been interested in this property. So that’s why we primarily bought it,” said Jay Trumbull Sr., the new property owner.

Now, many are wondering if the station will leave downtown Panama City for good.

“Their new business model is to operate out of convenience stores or something like that. So they don’t have the big building that they used to have,” said Trumbull.

Trumbull said Greyhound officials plan to move out of the building within the next few months.

“The Greyhound realizes that it’s a difficult place to be. The ingress and egress here is very difficult. If they relocated somewhere like on 231, it’s a much easier turnaround,” said Trumbull.

Trumbull said they bought the greyhound property because he and his family own a location nearby.

“I’m going to let the Greyhound bus station rent here for two or three months, then they’re going to move on and then we’ll start our work on the building,” said Trumbull. “The building is in great shape. It withstood the hurricane well. We have to replace the roof and air conditioning. Other than that its in good shape.”

He’s hoping to combine the properties and turn them into something that will help revitalize downtown Panama City.

“Whether it’s going to be an office building or a restaurant or maybe a medical type building we’re looking at all those opportunities,” said Trumbull. “We’ve had some people reach out to us.”

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