Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center reopens

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - Jordan McCool was live at a local hospital as they reopen their doors after being closed for weeks from Hurricane Michael.

According to CEO, Brad Griffin, Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center sustained a lot of damage during the storm but they've been rebuilding and testing the equipment to make sure they're good to open.

The E.R. has stayed open the whole time, having about 120 patients a day. Starting Thursday, the hospital is able to admit patients, use operating rooms, open the labor and delivery department, use some outpatient imaging services, and more. Officials say there is a limited capacity but they will do their best to take care of as many people as they can.

Griffin says they do have a plan to restore everything, but a date is not certain at this time.

For more information, watch Jordan's interview.