Gulf County Schools to close Friday due to flu outbreak

GULF, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Superintendent for Gulf District Schools, Jim Norton, says schools in the county will be closed on Friday, January 26th, because of a rise in flu activity.


A statement released by the district says, "Flu activity continues to be on the rise and we are experiencing a significant impact from influenza-like cases in our school system. For this reason school will be canceled for Friday only!"

"Dr. Elizabeth Curry, one of the local doctors sees a lot of the kids in this community, she suggested it would be in our best I retest to close for a time just to let those who are contagious not have a chance to continue spreading it," said Superintendent Norton.

All schools will be sanitized during the closure. School is schedule to reopen on Monday, January 29th.

"We're just trying to be proactive. We think that it truly makes good sense on behalf of all of our kids to take this proactive step because there has been several deaths related to influenza death this year across Florida and I know one in the panhandle and I know that's a tragic loss and you don't think it can happen to you until it happens to you," said Superintendent Norton.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the flu, you are advised to stay home from work or school until your fever is gone to prevent the spread.