Gulf County Sheriff's Office makes "historic" drug bust

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GULF COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - It seemed to be a routine traffic stop for Gulf County Sheriff's Deputies Wednesday.

“They were running radar in an area there, off the side road called Brian Setterich Road and happened to clock a vehicle coming off of there, 40 [miles per hour] in a 25," said Gulf County's Sheriff, Mike Harrison.

The lights came on to pull the vehicle over.

“They saw the door come open and knew that he was about to bail on them," Sheriff Harrison said.

The suspect took off on foot.

“They played a little bit of a cat and mouse out there, it was dark, and then he lost sight of him, heard him moving again and eventually got him in custody," the sheriff explained.

Bringing Storm Sims, 29, back to his car, which led deputies to findings they had not seen before.

“Thirty-four thousand oxycodone pills, a sizable amount of heroin, crack, cocaine, powder cocaine, marijuana, and then over $470,000 in cash. Largest drug bust to my knowledge in Gulf County's history here," Sheriff Harrison said.

The bust was so large, even deputies were surprised.

"It was overwhelming, you know, to think of that amount of money, that amount of drugs rolling through little Gulf County and Wewahitchka," said Harrison.

So where could all that money go now?

“By law, it is required to be spent on things such as drug rehab, mental health facilities, some things like that," he explained.

The Sheriff's Office would first have to apply to make that happen.

“We’ll use it as the statute requires, and allows us to do but good things will come to Gulf County from this is we are awarded the money," said Sheriff Harrison.