Gulf County prepares for 2020 scallop season

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PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The FWC has announced that the 2020 scallop season for Gulf County will begin on August 16.

The 2020 scallop season in Gulf County begins in August. (WJHG)

The season was shortened in order to help restore the scallop population in the Saint Joseph Bay, which has rebounded in the last few years. Red tide heavily damaged the stock in 2016, as well as damage from Hurricane Michael.

"A good thing about having a shorter season, especially when it starts in August, is that the scallops have actually grown a little bit bigger at that point in time," said Adrienne Glass of the Gulf County Tourism Development Council. "They have been able to reproduce a little bit more than they would have in July, so the population can grow. They can grow bigger, and because they are a bigger scallop, you can get fewer scallops within your limit."

The new season was also implemented to attract tourists to the region during a normally slow time of year.

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