Haney Technical Center buries time capsule

Haney students buried a time capsule on Friday to commemorate the school's 50th year. (Haney Technical Center)
Haney students buried a time capsule on Friday to commemorate the school's 50th year. (Haney Technical Center)(WJHG)
Published: May. 31, 2019 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Haney Technical Center students buried a metal time capsule on Friday.

The time capsule was created by the school's own welding students and filled with unique items related to each program it offers.

The time capsule commemorates the school's 50th year. It was buried behind Haney's flagpole.

Here's a complete list of what went in:

Marine Services Technologies– Instructor: Mr. Bobby Miller

Propeller. This propeller is a used propeller from the 1970s. It is used with an Evinrude 25 hp, 2-stroke motor which would power a small fishing boat. Pricing for this item in 2019 is approximately $80 with the motor costing around $4530.00. 2-stroke motors are now known as E-Tecs. Each student in this program has signed the propeller.

Aviation Airframe/PowerPlant Mechanics – Instructors: David Deaton,

Christopher Becker, Dennis Harper, Kenneth Roberts

Red Pawz R011 Mini-Drone. This drone has a 6 axis gyro stabilization system. It is controlled over 2.4GHz and broadcasts a live video feed on 5.8GHz for FPV flight. It is used by this program as an introduction to unmanned, remote-piloted vehicles. The estimated cost is $99.99. Literature for the drone is included.

Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics – Instructor: Kenneth Roberts

This item is a propeller section from a McCauley CM7449 propeller. Etched on the propeller’s surface is the Aviation Powerplant class 2018/2019 roster. The students listed were very instrumental, as a class project, in resurrecting a Continental O-200 engine Cut-A-Way where the propeller’s center section was installed.

Industrial Pipefitter - Instructor: Corey Brown

Galvanized “H”. This item is a galvanized ¾” pipe which was cut and threaded into a letter “H” for Haney. It is a piece of art and the piece of metal was scrap metal taken out of the classroom during remodeling. It was originally an old air-line. This type of pipe can also be used for water and gas lines. The students used a power-driven threader and a hand threader to thread the pipe, along with pipe wrenches to connect the pipes to the Tees.

Cosmetology - Instructors: Virginia York and Gina Dudley

Perm Rods, Curling Iron, Nail Polish, Hairstyle Guide – The larger perm rods have enjoyed a resurgence since the 70’s because of the interest of many young ladies wanting the “soft curls” for the “Beachy Look”. The smaller perm rods are for those that would like to “pick” their hair for a fuller look and are mostly the choice of older women.

The perming process for different ethnicities is typically a longer exercise due to a longer preparation of the hair for the perming. Some other types of tools are used by other populations to adapt to the hair type, such as a “thermal” iron.

The curling iron has temperature control and is estimated to cost $25.00. This curling iron produces smaller curls that are not as popular today as in the past.

The trend in 2019 for nail polish is the gel polish. The gel polish lasts longer than the traditional nail polish. A bottle of traditional polish is included.

Also, included is a copy of a hairstyle magazine featuring styles popular in 2019.

Medical Administrative Specialist and Administrative Office Specialist- Instructors: Debbie Farrell and Heather Marshall

Included is a flash drive containing information on the programs. Pictures include photos of the classrooms, students, and hurricane damage. There are also some private messages from the students expressing their feelings about the program and how the hurricane has affected them. The students also talk about their dreams and future goals. Hopefully, in the time between 2019 and the 24+ years when this time capsule is opened, the ability to open this flash drive and read it will still exist. Who knows where technology will have taken us in 2043!

Auto Collision - Instructor: Robert Taylor

The item included in the time capsule is a model of a classic Mustang. The class took the model completely apart, prepped and painted it. The silver metallic paint was overlaid with a lace material and over sprayed with silver. The lace pattern is visible, but very light, giving it a ghost effect.

Auto Service - Instructor: Paul Nelson

In 2018, the students of the Automotive Service Technician program were tasked with the disassembly and reassembly of a 2003 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter engine. Prior to disassembly, students were informed that the vehicle had poor oil pressure and a knocking sound in the bottom part of the engine. While diagnosing the vehicle, students found the oil pump had malfunctioned and was no longer providing oil to vital components. Lack of lubrication caused a connecting rod bearing to ultimately bond itself to its adjoining connecting rod, causing the knocking sound, poor compression, and scoring of the crankshaft. If left unfixed, the oil pump and connecting rod would eventually cause catastrophic failure to the entire engine. Students were able to completely disassemble the engine, clean and repair items to be reused, and replaced parts that had either malfunctioned or reached their service limitations. Throughout the following school year, students rebuilt the engine, while systematically and thoroughly troubleshooting to ensure the engine ran successfully and reached its peak performance. During the time in which the rod was in the engine and under the care of Haney students, it may not have held up to its service expectations due to a lack of oil. However, it did provide students with a project that would broaden their technical education and provide insight into the internal mechanisms of an engine.

Massage Therapy – Instructor: Lee Thompson

The flash drive included in the time capsule contains pictures and a video of the current class (2018-2019) asking questions about the program. The questions are likes, dislikes, and future thoughts regarding the profession. There is also a stack of muscle cards to show the depth of study for the body that the students undertake as part of the program.

Licensed Practical Nursing – Instructors: Evelyn Simmons, Kathryn Grothman, Sabrina Peffers, Leland Gaines

This lamp is an international symbol of nursing, accompanying the most important ceremonies. It symbolizes the lit lamp used by Florence Nightingale while caring for injured soldiers during the Crimean war. Each graduating student receives a lamp and the lighting of the lamp takes place at the pinning ceremony. Students are also “pinned”. The pin depicts the Caduceus, or registered nurse symbol, which is a staff that is a wing topped with two serpents winding around it to the top. This staff was, according to legend, carried by Hermes in Greek mythology and was given to him by Apollo.

HVAC – Instructors: Gary Vickers & Larry Conley

Displayed are four items past and current to 2019 that are seen in the HVAC/refrigeration industry. #1 is a Honeywell brand digital wall thermostat. It is used to electronically control heating and cooling systems in both residential and commercial systems. #2 is an older magnetic wall thermostat. #3 is an analog refrigerant gauge. One of the refrigerants is set to be phased out of production in the year 2020. #4 is a cooling fan commonly found in a lot of current refrigeration applications.

Electricity and Electrician Program – Instructor: Robert Callier

The object you see is a 4”x 4” x 2 1/8” square box with two duplex receptacle outlets and a raised cover. The outlets are fed by metal clad cable that leads into a 90-degree flexible cable connector. You can find these types of electrical installations placed in a wall or surface mounted on the exterior of cinder block walls. The inside has been signed by all of the students and the instructor for the 2018-2019 school year.

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