Heartland Rescue Ranch receives more than 200 animals in the past two weeks

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SOUTHPORT, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - At Heartland Rescue Ranch, the staff tells us within these past two weeks they've had an influx of more than 200 animals.

Mostly dogs, but some cats and even horses have been dropped off.

But since the storm, families aren't willingly giving up their animals, now people just don't have the resources.

"At this point I feel like they're realizing that they need help, that they're not gonna be able to do this by themselves, they're not, you know, they can't keep animals when they don't have a fence," said Heartland Rescue Ranch's Adoption and Intake Coordinator Misty Barton.

Barton says many families who surrender their pets not only have fence issues but also trouble finding pet-friendly places to live.

"What other choice do they have other than to reach out for help?" said Barton.

With the flood of new animals, the ranch now needs some help of its own.

"It's not always possible to help every single person that calls, but we try our best to be able to do that and right now we are in desperate need of monetary donations," said Barton.

That's because Hurricane Michael also damaged much of the ranch's property.

"We're trying to get several things done out here, pins fixed, vetting, we would like to have a quarantine building for puppies that just come in," said Barton.

If you're willing to adopt or donate, you can visit Heartland Rescue Ranch or make a financial donation via PayPal to hearlandrr@aol.com.