Influx of flies in Northern Bay County after incinerator shut down

BAY COUNTY, Fl. (WJHG/WECP) - Something's abuzz in northern Bay County

Residents living near the Bay County incinerator say they've seen an increase in flies since the facility temporarily shut down. (MGN)

"I know good and well I probably killed a hundred last night just with a fly swatter," said Bayou George resident Geoffrey Hodges.

The county incinerator works to recycle, refuse and turn solid waste into energy.

Or it did until a month ago.

"The incinerator is currently in a shutdown situation. There was a piece of equipment that broke and so we're currently working to get that repaired and bring it back online," said Bay County's Public Information Officer, Valerie Sale.

Since the shutdown, locals say a new problem spread its wings.

"Every time they shut it down, they pile up the trash and here they come," said Hodges.

Employees at one gas station off Highway 231 say it's affecting their work.

"A couple weeks ago I would only see one or two- I work in a kitchen, I would only see one or two- but now I'm seeing anywhere between 20 to 50 a day," said Trevor Douglass, a gas station employee.

County officials say mosquito control sprayed in that area twice a day to combat the problem in the last week and a half.

"So while we understand that it's been frustrating for them we hope that it has already been tamped down significantly and if it's not then we anticipate that imminently it will be," said Sale.

Still, no matter how hard they try, locals can't seem to swat the issue.

"It's a huge problem. It's annoying, I'm ready for it to be over," said Douglass.

The incinerator is expected to be back up and running within a month.

Officials say the incinerator's temporary shutdown will not have any affect on your garbage pickup. Instead, the garbage will be taken to the landfill.

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