Holmes County Sheriff addresses students about threats

HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Holmes County Sheriff's officials showed up at Holmes County High School Thursday to speak out against the recent string of school threats in our area.

"I told these kids that I have faith in them that they are just saying something that they don't mean to carry out, but we never know what's going on in their mind and are they going to carry it out, so we have to treat it as such," Sergeant Adrienne Odum said.

They reminded the students that one joke could cost them their future.

"Military? Out the door. Decent job? Out the door," Odum said.

Officials urged students to be aware of their classmates' behavior and mental health.

"You don't always know somebody else's mindset," one staff member said.

Sheriff John Tate encouraged them to respect each other.

"We're all the same," Sheriff Tate said. "There's a purpose in you being here."

They stressed the importance of finding a trustworthy adult to talk to.

"Our goal is to inform the children," Odum said. "Try to inform the parents and just be very aware of what's going on in these students' lives."

Principal Mickey Hudson said all Holmes County schools are working toward having only one point of entry-- limiting the path a shooter could take to get inside.