Home heating tips following Hurricane Michael

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The holiday season is here, but it seems like blue roofs are more common than any yard decorations or lights.

With the holidays comes cooler temperatures, but if you have a tarp over your own home, there are some tips you should know.

We spoke to Tim Welch, who is the Sales Manager for the Peaden in Panama City.

"You should always check with a professional before turning on a heating system that hasn't been operated in some time," Welch said.

He explained while home heating is a common concern this time of year, Hurricane Michael has brought a new set of challenges.

"Water could've gotten into the system, rainwater, things like that, insulation, things in your ductwork," Welch said.

With damage in mind, homeowners should also make sure important equipment isn't covered up by tarp.

Welch said, "You need to make sure that you have not covered up a flue pipe or a lot of these things got knocked off and sometimes the tarp people might just cover them up."

Above all, he encourages homeowners to remember there may be hidden damage to their home and to have a professional inspect it if they have any concerns.

"Just be safe, use common sense," he said.

He recommends homeowners invest in a carbon monoxide detector, especially if they use a gas furnace.

If you have a blue tarp on the rooftop, check on your home before you click the thermostat.