Hurricane Michael causes $1.5 billion in agricultural damage

Florida National Guard

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - According to Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam, the state suffered nearly $1.5 billion in agricultural damages due to Hurricane Michael.

Putnam says the timber industry is bearing the brunt of the devastation with $1.3 billion in economic losses.

The estimated damages according to Putnam's office in its preliminary report are:
• Forestry: $1,289,023,465
• Cotton: $49,877,183
• Cattle: $43,319,925
• Peanuts: $23,049,369
• Nurseries and Floriculture: $16,117,366
• Poultry and Eggs: $10,026,000
• Vegetables: $8,613,841
• Other Field Crops: $7,282,946
• Dairy: $6,435,000
• Aquaculture: $5,000,887
• Fruits: $4,356,663
• Tree Nuts (including pecans): $4,089,676
• Apiary: $1,960,000

Putnam's office says this report summarized estimated crop losses and total losses for each commodity group.

“Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle, and many of Florida’s rural communities, which rely heavily on agriculture, took the worst hit," Putnam said. "As we continue to rebuild, we must prioritize rural economic development programs at the local, state and federal levels."