Hurricane Michael death toll continues to rise

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 6:33 PM CST
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The Hurricane Michael death toll continues to climb three months after the storm. We're receiving updates from both the District 14 and District 2 medical examiners.

Two names have been added in District 2 bringing the death toll from nine to 11. The victims are a 63-year-old male who died after attempting to remove a tree that fell on him and a 47-year-old female who was found unresponsive during the storm.

The addition of one name has raised the death toll from 35 to 36 Friday in District 14. A 21-year-old man was added to the new count. He died last week after a tree fell on him while working. He is the youngest hurricane casualty of the two districts.

This new information brings the total deaths to 47 between Districts 2 and 14 thus far. However, the District 14 Medical Examiner says they have other cases in review and more names could be added.

In both districts, ten victims died as a result of Hurricane Michael cleanup.

District 14 casualties are as follows:

Dakota Brooks, 26

Donald Vondahaar, 87

Russell Herndon, 28

David Wootton, 91

Norman Gatlin, 78

Michael Hajzyk, 61

Jose Golazo, 52

Qumont Booker, 68

Judith Cooley, 79

James Stukey, 81

Timothy Clark, 64

Kurt Bennett, 67

Agnes Viicari, 79

Sandra Lucas-Detrick, 60

Gary Nakkula, 65

Henry Campbell, 70

Robert Withey, 43

Nick Rivera, 64

Dorothy Lawrence, 94

George Covington, 60

Paul Gilday, 77

Billy Brown, 64

Joseph Kazimour, 55

Name unavailable, 47

William McConnell, 70

Jeffrey Hayes, 63

Willard Price, 49

Reginald Rouse, 21

Tony Gray, 67

Leroy Cooper, 61

John Gambos, 67,

Name unavailable, 91

George Cesil, 52

James Ussery, 60

Ryan Barrett, 22

Joseph Carnley, 93


District 2:

Stevie Sweet, 44

Derrick Dunn, 48

Charles Ash, 71

James Sullivan, 78

Phillip Owens, 55

Jean A. Luke, 87

Darrell McKinley, 82

Lewis Midlam, 73

Lisl Lillquist,72

Melissa O'Bryan, 47

Ronald O'Bryan, 63