Hurricane Michael victims continue to wait for repairs

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) - Hurricane Michael hit Northwest Florida and even part of the Wiregrass in Alabama three months ago. Now, thousands of people are still waiting for repairs to homes and vehicles.

Many contractors and body repair shops are backed up in Dothan, from people who live there and others who left the destruction to get help.

“This tree was over 100 years old," said storm victim Steve Stevens.

There's damage inside and out of his home. He knows his family is lucky they are alive.

"I thought, 'Oh my god, that could have been through the house a little further over and could have gotten me,'" said Stevens.

But what did get them and many others is a long wait for qualified contractors.

"He's had so much repair work he hasn't gotten to us," said Stevens.

The backlog is just as bad for some drivers. Body shops have been jammed with people from Florida trying to get their vehicles repaired, more than they could handle.

"They keep coming and coming," said Chris Bryson of MAACO Collision Repair & Auto Painting.

For Bryson, about 15 cars a week with Hurricane Michael damage as well the usual repairs needed for local wrecks.

"They are just trying to find a place to get things finished and get their life back together because it was basically torn apart," said Bryson.

An Alfa Insurance agent tells us there were about 3,000 calls in October and the numbers keep growing.

"You just have to have patience when dealing with this type of storm on repairs," said Kim Blocker.

And for the old Steven's tree, it took six and a half hours to cut it down, but they are still waiting for chimney and roof repairs.

If you are not filing an insurance claim and paying for repairs yourself, you may find people willing to do the work faster. Just make sure you check references and hire a licensed and insured contractor.