Hurricane preparedness tips for pet owners

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Hurricanes can be very traumatic for pets and can result in fear, injury, or stress. Some guests with Pet Supermarket joined us in our studio with advice on how pet owners can be prepared.

In each Pet Supermarket store, there are “hurricane ready” signs to note the products and tools to help during a severe weather situation. Here is some additional advice for pet owners during hurricane season:

1. Pets should be indoors and with you throughout the storm.

2. Should you need to evacuate, have a list of boarding facilities, veterinary practices and hotels in your immediate evacuation area that accept pets (and under what circumstances).

3. If you are not in an evacuation zone, make sure you are in a safe location to withstand the hurricane with space for your pets.

4. Be sure to plan ahead with extra food and supplies, including leashes, pee pads, and safe drinking water for your pet, as utilities may become compromised and the availability of supplies can be limited following the storm. Consider buying extra canned foods and a water-safe, locking container for dry food.

5. Use caution when going outside with your pet after the storm. Branches, debris, wildlife or downed powerlines are just some of the dangerous elements you may encounter that could hurt you or your pet.

6. Make sure your pet’s tags and IDs are updated on their collars and carriers with a primary and backup phone number. Keep a recent photograph of your pet on hand in the event that you and your pet become separated or lost from each other. If you encounter a lost pet, always check for a microchip.

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