Gayle's Trails expanding to east end of Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Gayle's Trails, which span from the Conservation Park to Colony Club, will soon make their way to the east end of Panama City Beach.

Gayle's trails continue to bring the community together since they were created in 1998.

The trails are primarily used for walking and biking. The project spans the west end of Panama City Beach, but the City has a plan to expand the trails all the way to the Hathaway Bridge.

Mario Gisbert, the City Manager of Panama City Beach, said, "The CRA and Gayle's Trails hopes are to have anywhere from 10-12 foot wide path throughout the entire city."

The trails are a way to help people get outside, keep active, and interact with nature.

Fred Welch, a visitor from Michigan, said, "It's great to find a place that goes through some of the nature aspects and you're not on the highway and dodging cars, so it's great."

The new trail will connect three schools; Arnold High School, Breakfast Point Academy, and the new elementary school that will be built by the sports complex. Gisbert says new trails will help children safely get to school if they walk or bike.

"It's an overall concept to make Panama City Beach a walkable, rideable community," says Gisbert.

Gisbert says they hope to keep expanding the trails and one day maybe extend them into Panama City.