Ironman Foundation and other organizations help repair Panama City homes

Members of the Ironman Foundation and other organizations helped clean up and repair four Panama City homes. (WJHG/WECP)

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Almost 13 months after Hurricane Michael, many homes are still in need of repair or cleanup

That's why the Ironman Foundation, alongside Team Rubicon, and All Hands and Hearts teamed up Sunday morning to help repair, repaint, and clean up four homes in the Panama City area.

"Today we're out here painting a home, trying to get this gentleman back on his feet," said volunteer Heather Kinder.

The group consisted of volunteers and even some triathletes, like Brad Williams, who says the house he was working on hit home for him.

Williams said, "Here today the homeowner is a veteran and myself being a veteran, it's good to be able to come back and not only give back to the community but give back to a veteran as well."

Another volunteer, Heather Kinder, has been in the area with her husband Ryan for the past few days and says after giving out donations last December, they're glad to be back and helping again.

"Being back here almost a year later it's crazy to see that it's still the way it is and it still needs so much work. I really thought it would be a lot different a year later," said Kinder. "I'm so glad that we've been able to be back here this week with the Ironman Foundation and giving back as much as we can."

Volunteers say even a year later, it's good to see organizations doing what they can to continue to give back to the community.

Kinder said, "I feel like a lot of times everyone can be all hands on deck for the first three weeks or three months and then everyone kind of forgets about it and moves on. So it's really encouraging to see a year later that there are still so many organizations that care about this community and want to get this community back on its feet."

The group also helped clean up Greenwood Cemetery as well.

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