Jackson County School District hosts active shooter training

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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Jackson County School District is working to put school resource officers in every school.

In the meantime, officials want to make sure teachers are also prepared.

To date, there have been ten school shootings in Florida.

Jackson County school staff met at Cottondale High School for an active shooter training Wednesday.

"It's really sad that we have to be here," Cottondale High School Principal Ken Granger said. "Just like they said, it's starting to become more prevalent in today's society, so we would prefer to be prepared, as opposed to not prepared and have more casualties than expected."

Only half of Jackson County schools have a school resource officer on campus.

"It's also a training for the officers in case they have to come in and counter something like that," Granger said.

Right now elementary schools in Jackson County do not have a school resource officer.

Most elementary school students aren't able to make split-second decisions to protect themselves-- making teachers even more important.

"They follow their teachers like little ducklings follow their mother ducks, so the teachers have to have a lot of confidence in their skills and ability and training ultimately to lead those little ducklings," Cottondale Elementary School principal Jessica Craven said.

These trainings can't completely prepare teachers for an active shooter situation, but the hope is that these teachers and school staff will gain a better understanding of how they can save a life.

"We can't forget and we can't become complacent," Craven said. "We have to always be diligent about how to react in a situation like that."

About 30 law enforcement officers were also at the training Wednesday.

They came from several different agencies including the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, the Marianna and Cottondale police departments, and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Another training will take place Thursday at Sneads High School.