Jackson County farmers seeking a farm supply store

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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Agriculture is one of the largest employers in Jackson County, but farmers are traveling outside the county to get the supplies they need.

"It's Dothan and Donalsonville," Cherokee Satsumas Owner Mack Glass said. "We do get some products out of Calhoun County, Florida."

There's not only a shortage of farm supply stores. Glass said service fees are expensive.

"They're sending a technician and a $125,000 -$150,000 truck down here to spend that time and it's on the road two hours," Glass said. "That is the issue."

Glass and several other farmers recently brought their concerns to the county commission.

"It opened up a line of communication between our group and the County Administrator," Glass said.

"The Board just listened and at the end of the meeting they directed me to work with the farmers in creating some sort of working group," Interim County Administrator Wilanne Daniels said.

The two groups are currently scouting out possible businesses.

"We need them to be in our county so the dollars they generate circulate within our county to help our county," Glass said.

Both Glass and county officials say they've already received a positive response from potential businesses.