Jewelry store owner defends business against alleged robbers

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Two suspects are still on the loose after allegedly robbing a local jewelry store Saturday night.

Store owner Montie Fischer said he was working late that night at his jewelry store and decided to take a quick nap when he suddenly woke to the sound of breaking glass.

"Well, I fell asleep, and all of a sudden next thing I heard was a loud bang, and by the time I got downstairs, I grabbed a gun on the way. Before I got to the doorway, I ended up seeing people down here, and I started shooting," Fischer said.

But thanks to a good security system, it was all caught on camera.

"They do it pretty quickly. They are in the store within about 15 seconds, and you can kind of hear them chit-chatting back and forth. And once they are inside the store, they are in destruction mode," said Walton County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Corey Dobridnia.

"They were grabbing as much as they could. The typical smash and grab. They smashed the case and just grabbed as much as they can," said Fischer.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office said they are still searching for two white males who may have been involved in Saturday night's robbery. They say that one, if not both, may have been shot during the incident.

"You can see the guys taking the hammer and crowbar, and they are smashing stuff. He felt like he was in fear of his life and fired shots at them and they fled," said Dobridnia.

"I just point and shot. I think I hit one or maybe both. I'm not sure. But I emptied my gun," said Fischer.

"One of them on the way out, you see him take a pretty hard fall on the way out. And he said verbally, "I'm hit", but we don't know if he was hit.," said Dobridnia. "He could have just injured himself in the fall and didn't really realize what was going on because of adrenaline. But we're hoping that that helps us in the long run."

Although he did chase them away fairly quickly, Fischer said the alleged robbers were still able to slip away with some of his merchandise.

"They dropped one bag evidently, they got away with another one though, so they did get some stuff," described Fischer.

Fischer said he believes this wasn't the first time these robbers have been to his place.

"I've got a car in the video that's casing the place. Actually parked right out front here, and they sat out front for a long time and never got out of the car," explained Fischer. "And then they left and went around the parking lot and came back and parked in front of here again and did the same thing. I got that on video. That was a couple hours before they came in so hopefully that would be them. I don't know."

His warning to anyone who wants to try him again?

"I hope they try to come back and get some more because I'll have a bigger gun, and I won't miss. I'll be ready next time," Fischer added.

Walton County Sheriff's Office Officials are asking anyone with information about the crime, or who may have any possible video in the area to contact them.