KKK flier handed out in Panama City Beach neighborhood

Published: Aug. 21, 2017 at 4:53 PM CDT
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Several residents of one Panama City Beach neighborhood were surprised when they discovered Ku Klux Klan fliers in their driveways Monday morning.

The fliers, sealed inside sandwich baggies filled with rocks, were thrown overnight into the driveways of several homes in the Sunnyside community on the west end of Panama City Beach.

Marilyn Miller said she was taking out her trash Monday morning when she saw the baggie.

"I looked up and down the streets and I noticed every single driveway had one of them in it," Miller said. "It was a baggie with the rocks, with the KKK flier. And obviously that's not something we want in our neighborhood, and any decent human being doesn't want to be a part of."

Miller says the people of her community represent the opposite of what the KKK embodies.

"Everyone is really nice and kind; even if you go to a different type of church, or don't go to church at all, everyone is very decent and kind to one another," she said. "It's a neighborhood where you can trust your neighbors to look out for your house if you're not there. So I'm pretty shocked by it."

Dr. Rufus Wood of the Bay County NAACP said it's disheartening that in the 21st century, society still has to deal with white supremacy.

"I think the way we address it is by breaking the silence," Dr. Wood said. "All of us have a moral obligation to denounce white supremacy, racism, Neo-Nazi groups, Neo-Confederate groups."

WJHG/WECP reached out to the phone number on the flier and got a recording from the Knights, who claim to be a White Separatist Organization. The recording noted that the group stands for God, race, nation, family, and the United States constitution as it was originally written.