Keeping cattle warm in cold weather

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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - There are a few little things Jackson County cattle producer Andy Andreasen does to keep his livestock warm during the winter months.

"The more comfortable you can make them and just keeping them full makes a big difference as far as their general health goes," Andreasen said.

He said it's always good to have a little mineral in their food, which lowers stress.

"Usually when cattle are stressed, they have other problems like parasites from lice or whatever," Andreasen said.

The tiniest livestock require extra care when it's cold outside.

In order to have a happy and healthy calf, it's important that the mother has adequate and quality nutrition.

"If the cattle are thin and stressed nutritionally, then you'll have small calves that don't have the vigor and strength to get up and nurse and do well when the weather's bad," Andreasen said.

Livestock also require a suitable amount of drinking water to avoid dehydration.

Wide row trees provide cattle with shade and windbreak.

"If they can be out in the sun and have the wind blocked off, then it's a lot more comfortable environment for them," Andreasen said.