Kelli Bailey Murder to be featured in Investigation Discovery series

Published: Nov. 3, 2017 at 6:12 PM CDT
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Charlotte Greathouse and her husband John have been nursing their broken hearts for 16 years.

“A mother’s broken heart never mends, I read that sometime,” Greathouse said. “And I thought, 'Boy, that’s so true.' It’s just a sadness that overwhelms you.”

November 2, the anniversary of their daughter Kelli’s murder, comes and goes every year, but they wanted this year, as they grow older, to be a little different.

“I thought her story would die with us, and I wanted it to be told," she said.

The Greathouses agreed to be interviewed for Investigation Discovery’s On the Case with Paula Zahn series. The special will take viewers through Kelli’s murder case.

“It has made this journey more difficult revisiting it, and [there were] concerns about the show, because Kelli was a very private person, and I hope and pray she would understand why I agreed to do it," Charlotte said. "I wanted Kelli’s story to be told, because she died a terrible death, and the person deserves the death penalty.”

It was John who found Kelli’s body. He had gone to check on his stepdaughter after she was late for work. He recounts the moments in the special.

“I didn’t see the blood, and I just thought maybe she had died," he said. "And then they come out and tell me what really happened, and I didn’t see the blood. Once I saw her, I didn’t see anything else. And it just changed so much for me. And then I made that phone call. The hardest phone call I’ve ever made in my life was to call Charlotte and tell her her daughter was dead.”

Fourteen months later, Kelli's murderer, Paul Glenn Everett, received the death sentence. Her parents say it was a victory of justice.

"We've tried not to let him have anymore than he's taken from us, and enjoy the life we have as best we can," Charlotte said.

That enjoyment, for the Greathouses, is continuing to tell the story of their daughter, Kelli.