Laurel Hill man facing charges after allegedly mutilating father's dog

OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies say a Laurel Hill man is facing charges ranging from aggravated battery to felony animal cruelty in the mutilation death of his father's dog.

Deputies say Michael Reeves, 22, was wanted in Okaloosa County in connection with a domestic battery on his father on March 7th. His father told deputies Michael Reeves cut him with a kitchen knife on his arm. Deputies say when they arrived, Michael Reeves jumped out a window and ran into the woods.

They say a week later Reeves was found at a home in Laurel Hill and served a warrant out of Walton County. Deputies say when he was arrested, he was found with a 14-inch knife covered in blood as well as drugs and paraphernalia.

"What happened was, when he was first located by law enforcement, he was literally covered in blood, they said and had a 14-inch knife, the father said he was concerned about his family pet," Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Michele Nicholson said.

Investigators went to a home on North County Road 393 where Michael Reeves had reportedly been spending the last week alone. Inside they say they found Reeves' father's dog, a 75-pound pitbull mix, mutilated and say parts of the canine were found inside the fridge. Several tools believed to be used in this crime were also found at the scene.

"When they went to the home, it was apparently barricaded, every window and door inside the home. He'd been staying there by himself for a while and they saw the trail of blood which ulitmately led them to the mutilated dog inside," Nicholson added.

Investigators say a black and white beagle mix puppy was found alive in the home as well. The puppy was removed from the home by the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society.

"I would just say that it's very alarming and disturbing scene and if you read the details of what took place, it's very concerning," Nicholson said.