Law enforcement officers, prosecutors lead youth in crime prevention summit

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Law enforcement officers and prosecutors met in the same room Friday at Gulf Coast State College to encourage students to make good choices.

Middle and high schoolers took part in exercises like playing cop where they decided whether to write a ticket during a traffic stop.

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said he wants to build positive relationships with students.

Kids we talked to said they're taking home some valuable lessons.

"I'm hoping to learn how to approach someone who's in trouble or handle a situation in a more appropriate manner," Rosenwald High School Student Donnesha Saulsberry said.

"I'm learning that they want us to be at an understanding on the same page as them so if they approach us and try and help us, there won't be any chaos or anything like that," Rosenwald High School Student Allison Allen explained. "We'll be at an understanding that they're trying to help us and keep us safe."

Allen said she also learned how to handle stressful situations properly.

Agencies like the U.S. Attorney's Office, Florida Highway Patrol, Panama City Police Department, and LEAD Coalition of Bay County all had representatives at the event.