League of Women Voters break down 12 proposed Florida amendments

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Thursday, the Bay County League of Women Voters held a forum at Gulf Coast State College to give the public the chance to understand the proposed amendments on the Florida ballot in November.

At the forum, members gave detailed breakdowns of each amendment. They also handed out information which summarized each amendment and informed those in attendance about the outcomes if they decide to vote yes or no on each particular amendment.

Our very own NewsChannel 7's Jessica Foster moderated the event. Gulf Coast State College students read questions and give out answers to the audience during the event.

After Thursday's forum, we spoke to some who did not attend the event to see what they knew about the amendments. Some people struggled with the information at first but did understand others say the language is very confusing and could hurt a voter's chance of making an informed decision.

"Offshore drilling and vaping that's combining two issues," said Renee Hurley after reading Amendment 9. "I don't know why they would be in the same amendment." "I got to admit this, this is completely different then what I thought it meant," said Keenan Davis after reading Amendment 6. "It's clear on what it's saying about the judges and stuff like that, it's just the name that really threw me off. " "Really it does make much sense," said Victoria Smith after reading Amendment 11. "Discriminatory language for property rights? I would need to probably see an example of that."

After reading the amendments, some people suggested that the amendments be rephrased, have more information, and focus on one specific subject. For the list of amendments, click on the link attached to this article.