League of Women Voters sues to remove Amendment 8 from ballot

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - The League of Women Voters has filed a lawsuit to have Amendment 8 removed from the ballot this November.

The Amendment, passed by the Constitution Revision Commission, focuses on education.

It would require civics education and put term limits on school board members.

The League says it should be removed because it misleads voters by not accurately explaining a third provision, which would remove the power of local school boards to approve and deny new charter schools in their districts.

Attorney Ron Meyer is representing the League in the case.

“We also submit in the lawsuit that this was done with a purpose to mislead and deceive,” said Meyer. "Put some bright sparkly things, term-limits, civic education around something more sinister, taking away the right of a locally elected school board to control and operate the schools in the district.”

This is the second amendment approved by the CRC to be challenged for misleading voters.

The other, Amendment 13, would ban greyhound racing in the state.