Learning tips for students going into winter break

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Do you and your family have a favorite holiday book? That book could help students keep their reading skills sharp while they're out of school during winter break.

"The greatest thing parents can do over the Christmas break is really spend time with their kids. Make great memories and, you know, maybe put the game controller down a couple times over the break and pick up a really good book," Christina Bordelon, Assistant Principal at Breakfast Point Academy, said.

She said students also have an incentive for working on school over the holiday break.

"If they go onto 'Achieve3000' and complete at least five activities with a 75 percent or higher, they go into a drawing where they can win 'Beats' headphones," she told us.

Over at Hutchison Beach Elementary, a principal/student duo have tips for students too.

"You can read books and if you don't have a book, you can just read a cereal box or a Christmas card. Whatever that has reading, just read, read, read," Kendra Jackson, a second grade student, said.

Beach Elementary students also have options for learning online, if they access the Bay District Schools "Launchpad."

"For Kindergarten through second grade, they can do Smarty Ants. Third through fifth grade, they can do Achieve 3000, that's for reading and there's also something for math. They have First in Math, for math, that they can get on," Principal Glenda Nouskhajian said.

Bay District Schools students return to school January 3.