Local Muskogee Creek Indian reacts to Cleveland Indians logo change

Published: Feb. 5, 2018 at 3:50 PM CST
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One local Muskogee Creek Indian and store owner is speaking out after the Cleveland Indians announced last week they'd be removing Chief Wahoo from their baseball uniforms come next year.

Major League Baseball said the logo is no longer appropriate to use in the sport after years of protest from some Native American groups who said it was "offensive" and "racist."

Beth Gates, the owner of Two Feathers Trading Post in Bonifay, said while she's not a fan of the logo she believes they should leave it alone.

"Originally, I think the owners of those teams gave that name to honor the warrior spirit. Long ago about every nation had ball games of some kind and they would settle disputes," she explained.

Gates said she doesn't think changing the uniforms and helmets is a beneficial move.

"Instead of spending all that money on that why don't they put it in an educational fund for American Indian children or set up a health fund for the American Indian elderly? There's a real need there," she said.

The Cleveland Indians are expected to use a capital "C" as their main logo going forward. Team souvenir shops in the Cleveland area and at the stadium will still sell merchandise with Chief Wahoo on it.

No word if the team will change its name in the future.