Local TSA officers working without pay during government shutdown

Published: Jan. 11, 2019 at 3:55 AM CST
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The government shutdown is leaving many TSA workers at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport frustrated. Local workers will most likely miss their first paycheck of the year because the federal government has been shut down for nearly three weeks.

"While they're dedicated and are mission focused, many of them do live paycheck to paycheck, so if there is a chance they may miss a paycheck, then it's significant," said TSA Spokesperson Jim Gregory.

Gregory said many workers are frustrated with the situation, but the TSA is trying to find ways to help workers get financial assistance during the shutdown.

"It's more of an advisory program to locate places where they might be able to get an emergency loan our where they can get child care services," added Gregory.

Gregory said they've noticed more workers calling out sick and taking unscheduled days off since the shutdown started but he can't say for certain if it's because of the shutdown. Gregory said that TSA workers will be paid for every day they worked once the shutdown is over.

"Screeners are considered essential personnel and they have been working and by law, they are required to be paid for the work they are doing every day," said Gregory.

TSA workers were scheduled to be paid Friday, January 11th.

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