Local teen says he felt like he died after using synthetic marijuana

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - One local teen says he's lucky to be alive after using a drug laced with a synthetic substance.

This image shows a teenager who was rushed to a hospital after an encounter with illegal drugs. (WJHG)

Within moments, a family outing last Tuesday turned into panic when Jaron Sapp, 17, passed out in front of his family during a baseball game at Deanne Bozeman School.

"I felt like I had died. I was fading in and out. I really thought I was going to die," said Jaron.

Before the game Jaron and his friends were in the parking when one of his friends offered him a "dab pen."

"It's a marijuana extract, like a vape," explained Jaron.

Jaron said he's used something similar before, but soon after he left the parking lot he realized something was different.

"I was feeling it then all the sudden everything started getting really dizzy. My vision was impaired and I wasn't able to focus," said Jaron.

Then Jaron collapsed.

"I was waving my hands in front of his face. I was like 'Jaron are you ok, are you ok?' There was nothing, no reaction, there was nothing," said Jaron's Mom, Tiffany Sapp.

Jaron's mom, family and friends rushed in to help and called 911. After Jaron was taken to a local hospital, he told his mother about the drug he used.

They both later found out the "dab pen" was laced with a synthetic substance. Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said the substance is hard to identify.

"It's manufactured overseas. No quality control. No way to truly know what you're ingesting. We've seen some very scary circumstances where people enter into a psychotic state or even overdose and die," said Sheriff Ford.

Jaron said he took four puffs from the "dab pen." Hospital officials told him if he would've taken two more puffs, he could've gone into cardiac arrest. He said he plans to use his story to warn others.

"If they see this I want them to know it's just not worth it," said Jaron.

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