Local Congressman weighs in on disaster aid bill block in the House

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Congress is leaving Washington for the holiday weekend without passing a disaster aid bill for the people of the Panhandle but one local Congressman says he's still optimistic the bill will pass, despite Friday morning's upset in the House.

Congressman Neal Dunn says he believes a disaster aid bill that passed the Senate will reach the finish line despite failing a unanimous consent vote. (GRAY DC)

The Senate passed a $19 billion disaster aid bill Thursday 85-8, even garnering support from President Trump. But the bill failed to get unanimous consent in the House Friday after Republican Congressman Chip Roy of Texas objected to it.

Congressman Neal Dunn said, "He's an ideologue and so, you know, he only has that one thought process, you know, he doesn't really I think sense that he's doing this at the expense of tens of millions of people who are actually waiting for aid and have been waiting far too long."

Dunn says the passage of this bill would jump start civilian investments to the area giving investors a sense of certainty.

"And it should pass, this should be inevitable that it pass. And by the way, it's really got a lot of good stuff in there. You know, the things that matter in our district specifically, there's a lot of them, but you know headliner issues--is Tyndall gonna be rebuilt? Yes, there's over $1.7 billion in that bill for Tyndall alone," said Dunn.

Colonel Brent Hyden with Tyndall Air Force Base issued us a statement saying, “We are excited to see that the supplemental is moving forward. Tyndall personnel are postured for execution for the day where we can transition from cleanup and repairs into starting the major reconstruction at Tyndall. We have positioned the program for this and are ready to start the next phase of this long sprint. As soon as the supplemental passes, we will get to work soliciting the very large design and then construction projects needed to rebuild Tyndall as the 21st Century base of the future. The Air Force will be generating airpower from Tyndall for the next 100 years and more.”

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