Local couple launches product to help combat yellow flies

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - A local couple has launched a new company, 30A Fly Traps, to fight against yellow flies. Jordan McCool was live to show you how it works.

One local couple has launched a new product to help you fight against the yellow fly bite. (WJHG)

For $30 per trap, the couple will coordinate with each client where the traps should be placed for optimal use and then deliver and hang each trap accordingly. Each trap is then sprayed with Tangletrap Tangle-foot sticky coating to begin catching flies.

They are installed in May and then normally taken down around August when the buggy season ends. Each trap lasts about two months.

For a look, watch Jordan's interview. To order one, you can click on the link attached to this article.

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