Local gyms seeing spike in enrollment after Summer Olympics

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - "It's a good problem to have," said Hannah Green.

Green is the gym manager at Gymnastics Plus in Lynn Haven. The gym is currently wait-listing new students for some of its classes.

"Summer is normally low for us, but not this year," Green explained, and she believes she knows why.

Green says this happens every four years when kids see the gymnastics competitions during the summer Olympics.

"Everybody wants to do what they're seeing on the TV," Green said.

These Olympic athletes quickly become role models to the kids.

"They all have their favorite ones they pick out, we see a lot more red white and blue leotards," said Green.

Gymnastics Plus offers lessons on all of the skills the kids see their favorite Olympics gymnasts doing on TV.

"We see a lot of kids, in and out. We run gymnastics and the childcare program, and enrollment is up in both of those. It's awesome for us," Green explained.

Gymnastics Plus offers other classes besides gymnastics as well.

"They also have some brothers and sisters that might not want to do that. But for us, they may want to do tumbling, ninja zone. We have a little bit of something for everybody," said Green.

Employees at Gymnastics Plus want to emphasize that there really is something for everyone: boys, girls, and kids of all ages.

"We'll take them as soon as they can walk, all the way up through however old you want to be when you do gymnastics," Green explained.

Gymnastics Plus has open enrollment all year round. Some, but not all, of the classes are filled, and the gym is preparing for the spike in enrollment by hiring additional staff.