Local health care provider offers 100 free breast exams

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - Michelle Bautista is a health care professional, so she understands the importance of a yearly exam.

She recently told NewsChannel 7, "The scariest day for most women over 40 is not Halloween. It's the day they get their mammogram. We all know that the earlier that we can detect cancer, the better the rate of survival for this horrible disease."

She's also human, so she, like most women, can't help but get butterflies while waiting to get a mammogram.

"I'm a little anxious today," said Bautista as she waited to get hers. "The greatest fear for every woman is that dreaded diagnosis of breast cancer."

And just like a ghost story, others can scare a woman into thinking it's a painful experience. But how can you compare a few seconds of being uncomfortable with peace of mind?

Even while she takes a break from her practice to concentrate on her own health, Bautista is still thinking of other women... and men.

Seventeen hundred men are also diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the country, but men are often affected in another way.

"Their wives, their mothers, their sisters, someone that they care about may have been diagnosed," said Bautista.

So, she's issuing a challenge.

"I would like to challenge the men in this community to step up and help support women who may not be able to afford to get a mammogram. Donate some funds to help 100 women get a mammogram. Not just a mammogram, but the use of this high tech 3-D technology," she said.

She's even going one step further.

"We also at my office will be offering free breast exams for women for the next 30 days," said Bautista.

You can get more information on the free breast exam or how you can help 100 women get a mammogram by calling the Hormones and Wellness Center at 850-215-4455. The office is located on Harrison Avenue.