Local restaurant helps feed the community after Hurricane Michael

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG) - Many businesses in our area are just now reopening after Hurricane Michael. C Level Bar & Grill in Panama City Beach had to move locations and rebuild after the storm.

This is a picture of the brothers who own C Level Bar and Grill. (WJHG)

Chaz Nay and his two brothers evacuated to Pensacola during Hurricane Michael and waited to find out if their restaurant made it through the storm.

"People are sending us pictures of the front of the restaurant, they're like, 'Hey, you guys are good, everything is cool the restaurant made it, you guys are okay, come back and open,'" Nay said.

Unfortunately, their restaurant on Thomas Drive, C Level Bar & Grill, was not okay.

"And we opened the doors, and that was about it. There was no roof and we knew we had nothing," Nay said.

Instead of focusing on all they lost, the brothers, real everyday heroes, wanted to help out the community.

"We had a freezer full of food, we had a cooler full of food, Shore Dogs and Buster's were cooking for the community, so we took it all up there. It was pretty cool because everyone ate grouper and lobster," Nay said.

Next came the hard part: finding a new location and starting from scratch.

The brothers spent several months rebuilding.

"We're open again, but nothing worth having comes easy. So, the hard work that my family and friends, that everybody put in is just overwhelming," Nay said.

The restaurant is now located on Front Beach Road, and inside you'll find the same atmosphere, a family owned and operated grill waiting to welcome locals and visitors.

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