Local roller derby team skating through life and loving it

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PARKER, Fla. (WJHG) - Some local women are skating by in life and having a blast doing it.

The Sugar Sands Roller Dolls held a charity bout where they raised money for the Anchorage Children's Home. (WJHG)

The Sugar Sands Roller Dolls, Panama City's amateur women's roller derby team, are having the times of their lives. On a Sunday night in Parker a few weeks ago, they were rocking and rolling for a good cause.

"It's like a super great outlet and I have like a lot of anger issues so it like totally helps,” said a laughing Amar Whyms, who goes by BlackasaurusRex in the rink.

“It's amazing," said Christen Segal, who goes by Squid Vicious in the rink. "This is a group of very empowering women. We feed off of each other's positivity and it's an environment where we get to show our aggressiveness and it's a positive thing.”

On this particular night, it was Batman versus the Joker. Two teams made up of the Sugar Sands Roller Dolls as well as other area skaters held a bout for charity.

“Doing something you love is awesome, but doing something you love that benefits the community, the people, that's even better,” said Amber Nussbaumer, who lives in Pace.

All the money raised in this match went to the Anchorage Children’s Home.

“Doing like a scrimmage for charity, I mean, it’s even better because we’re giving back,” said Amy Wiseman, known as Just Mary in the rink.

Some call roller Derby therapy on wheels.

“It's like anger management...for free,” said Wiseman.

“I don't really see much of a point to doing anything if I can't skate," said Whyms. "It's like my passion.”

And during this caped crusade, friends turned into rockin’ roller rivals.

“It is the full therapeutic package," said Nussbaumer. "You got the exercise, the endorphins, you get to hit people, the anger management and then the camaraderie between the girls.”

“I'm fired up regardless," said Whyms. "Like they [the crowd] could be like 'boo'. And I'll be like, yeah, okay whatever. I came here to play, like I have all this energy, like let's go."

And the language?

“There's definitely trash talk," said a smiling Nussbaumer. "I myself definitely represent the sailor mouths of the team and I'm proud of it.”

“Oh, it fires me up," said Wiseman. "I love it, especially if they yell crazy things, and even if they yell bad stuff, heckling. Oh, it just...I love it.”

“There’s a lot of love on the track, but very colorful love sometimes,” said Nussbaumer.

Teams score points by having their jammers pass the other team’s blockers. Each team has one jammer and four blockers in the rink at one time.

“This is an amazing sport and the camaraderie, I mean, it's women of all shapes, sizes, race, anything, and nobody is discriminated [against] and nobody's turned down,” said Wiseman.

“I have found my spot right here with these women. They are my sisters,” said Segal.

“I mean I love it. I can't give it up," said Wiseman.

In the end, the Batman team skated its way to a win on this night.

The Sugar Sands Roller Dolls skate again this Sunday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Skaters Choice in Parker.

The team is looking for a permanent place to skate and call home. If you can help, or know someone who can, you can contact them via Facebook.

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