Local sheriff helps another local sheriff post-Hurricane Michael

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith visited Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford to donate $7,500 to the Bay County Sheriff's Office Monday.

The money came from two different funds.

Twenty-five hundred dollars came from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office Charity Fund which was started after the fire in Eastpoint and $5,000 came from the Florida Deputy Sheriff's Association.

"This funding will go directly to help our deputies. We had over 60 employees who lost their homes so this will go to help them and everybody's just been so generous and it's just so touching to see that," Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford said.

"I know that when deputy sheriffs are affected, they're not out taking care of their stuff because they're working and a lot of them had to just leave their homes and they were out taking care of everybody else so it does feel good to help them out," Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith said.

Sheriff Ford says he's thankful to all the sheriff's offices and others who have sent donations and supplies.