Locals and officials react to death of Liberty County High School baseball coach and wife

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 3:50 PM CDT
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Liberty County High School's baseball coach Corey Crum and his wife, Shana, were holding a volunteer clean up day at the school's baseball field Sunday afternoon when the unthinkable happened.

“Just an honest type person, that's what Corey was.” Those are the words Liberty County Superintendent David Summers used to describe Coach Corey Crum, who, along with his wife Shana, were killed Sunday trying to clean up the high school's baseball field.

Sheriffs officials say Crum and his wife were electrocuted after he came into contact with a live wire.

His wife tried to help him and she was also electrocuted.

Their son Chase then came to their aid and was also hurt.

Rhonda Lewis, a Liberty County resident, said, “Liberty County has been through so much with the hurricane, the tornado threats, and I think everybody's really just tired. It was just devastating to hear this. Heartbreaking.”

Like many small communities, they're banding together to begin the healing process, and support is coming from their neighbors.

Superintendent Summers said,“We've got some counselors coming in from Franklin County and other counties that we so appreciate.”

In the wake of the deaths, rivals on the ball field have become teammates in effect.

Lewis added, “All of the communities we play against on the ball field have really stepped up and offered support and we really appreciate it because we're all in this together.”

Those at the field when the accident happened have turned to each other for support.

“[Sunday] for about four or five hours after it happened there was well over 100 folks at the baseball field. We hugged each other and just tried to encourage each other that we will get through this,” said Summers.

School officials say baseball will continue for Liberty County because that's what Coach Crum would've wanted.

Residents like Rhonda Lewis, know the next time his players step onto the diamond, “Every game is going to be played for coach.”

School officials say Chase Crum was released from the hospital Monday and is expected to recover.