Locals moving belongings after river flood

CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - For many locals who live along the Chipola River, flooding problems are nothing new.

"We've downsized a lot over the years to make it easier for us to move in and out as needed," Altha resident Robyn Hill said.

Hill has lived on the Chipola River for 19 years.

"It usually doesn't look like this," Hill said.

Some residents along the Chipola have used boats and other creative modes of transportation to move things back and forth during the flooding.

"When the water comes up, there's no way in or out other than by boat, kayak, inner tube, float, whatever it takes to get out to the vehicles," Hill said.

When the river rises, even children know how to go with the flow.

"They're used to it," Hill said. "It's nothing unusual for them to break out the kayaks and canoe and canoe to the top of the hill just to get to the vehicle to go to school."

While many humans aren't fans of the rising waters, their four-legged friends are a different story.

"We've had to bathe them three times since it's come up, but they've enjoyed it," Hill said.

Despite a flood of problems, Hill said she wouldn't trade this view for anything.

"Even though there's water all around us right now, we still consider ourselves very lucky to be able to live in such a beautiful part of not just Calhoun County, but northwest Florida," Hill said.

Some roads in Jackson County are still closed due to flooding. They include Emily Road, Vicki Road, Fairview Road from Kynesville Road to Ontario Road, and Dry Creek Road at Iron Bridge Road.