Locals remember Bozeman student killed in Walton County crash

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Florida Highway Patrol Troopers say around 9 p.m. Sunday night, 17-year-old Caroline Long of Panama City was driving east on Highway 98 near County Road 395 when 23-year-old Kassidy Namniek of Destin was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit Long's car head-on.

Long was killed in a head-on collision in Walton County Sunday night. (Long Family)

Both were killed in the crash.

Long was a student at Deane Bozeman School and just started her senior year. Officials with Bozeman say they had grief counselors on staff Monday to help students and faculty cope with the loss.

The school released a statement saying, "We join the friends and family of Caroline Long, one of our beloved seniors, who passed away last night as the result of a tragic automobile accident. We have grief counselors on staff today to help our students, and faculty, process this loss and our hearts go out to those who knew and loved her. Caroline was very involved in school and served as the editor of our yearbook. She was a member of our soccer team and Diamond Girls and has been a Bozeman Buck since the sixth grade. As Emily Dickinson once said, "unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality." Caroline will be remembered in our hearts forever."

Some of Caroline's friends and classmates also spoke out.

Caitlynn Oswald said, "She was my person, the person that I would always go to. I was always there for her and we've been inseparable for the past three years in high school, she was my everything."

Caitie Dillahey added, "She was a child who grew up too fast and she was amazing."

JanAnn Aleywine said, "She was almost to that light at the end of the tunnel that was her upbringing and I really wish she would've got to live it out but that's what we're here to do, we have to live it out for her."

The group says they'll keep Caroline in their thoughts as the school year goes on and memorialize her parking spot as well.

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