Lynn Haven Mayor explains why more trees got the ax in Sheffield Park Renovation

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Last week we told you about tree removal at Lynn Haven's Sharon Sheffield Park that sparked controversy over the number of trees getting the ax.

In 2015, public hearings were held in Lynn Haven about future renovations to Sharon Sheffield Park, which included the removal of 13 trees.

Fast forward three years and several more trees later, and the public is wondering why more trees than the original number were removed.

Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson says when the contractors came out to remove the trees, they found several others that were diseased or hit by lightning.

"More than the initial 13 were cut as well," Anderson said. "Keeping in mind that most of the trees that were taken out were older pine trees. The park right now was mostly sand, pine needles, no grass will grow because of the sap and the diseased trees and the big roots that were sticking up."

Anderson says the trees will be replaced with elms, live oaks and weeping willows by the pond.

"It's just going to be a beautiful park and it had a lot of public input--hundreds of people attending the three public hearings when we decided," Anderson said.

The park will be usable and ready to go for its first concert on April 6th.

"It will be sodded with sprinkler systems and you will be able to bring your lawn chair," Anderson says. "It will be a great evening to celebrate our new space."